Suzanne Somers FaceMaster® Facial Toning System as seen on TV

Facial Toning System

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FaceMaster® Facial Toning System

FaceMaster® Facial Toning System
Video with Suzanne Somers
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Suzanne’s secret for a more youthful, ageless look!
Increase muscle tone for the look of firmer, smoother skin with FaceMaster® Facial Toning System
...only18 minutes per session.

  • Gives the appearance of a facelift without surgery
  • Stimulate the 22 muscles on each side of your face
  • Increase muscle tone for the look of firmer, smoother skin
  • Helps work against the gravity of aging to lift up
    corners of the mouth
  • You will love the way you look!
  • It Works!
     Use in the comfort of your home!
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The FaceMaster® Facial Toning System Primary Kit, is a revolutionary and exciting product using micro-currents of electrical energy to stimulate and tone underlying facial muscles to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its like taking your face to the gym!

FaceMaster® Facial Toning System Primary Kit
kit contents listed below


Item # SZBE1009

members price | $89.40

FaceMaster® Facial Toning System Primary Kit Includes:
  • FaceMaster® Facial Toning System - battery included
  • Electroyte Conductive Solution
  • 100 Foam Caps (booties)
  • Step by Step Instructional DVD
  • User Manual and general information Brochure
  • Manufacture's 1-year limited warranty
Safely and easily uses micro-currents of electrical energy to strengthen underlying facial muscles—it only makes sense that you need to tone your facial muscles like you tone the rest of your muscles.

• This is so easy to use. Computerized graphics will indicate each area that needs toning and time needed for each segment.

• You’ll see visible improvement in overall skin tone and elasticity with recommended use.

• Kit comes with conductive solution, foam tips for the ends of the FaceMaster® Facial Toning System probes, and an easy-to-follow System DVD and instructional manual.
FaceMaster® Facial Toning System Replacement Products

Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides

Formulated for all skin types, this powerful peptide serum offers remarkable, scientifically proven, skin renewing capabilities. Helps improve skin firmness and texture, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines. Enriched with sea algae extracts, antioxidants and unique anti-aging ingredients to help stimulate collagen and elastin production, your skin is left even-toned, moisturized and beautifully radiant. Used in correlation with the FaceMaster® Facial Toning System unit, these long-term benefits are enhanced by the electrical current to allow for deeper penetration.

members price $35.40

• Marine-based ingredients like kelp and seaweed oil help stimulate your skin’s natural collagen.

• Let your FaceMaster® Facial Toning System session work all night for you—keep the benefits going by using this gel.

• Contains natural exfoliants such as apple juice and moisturizers including aloe vera, safflower oil and honey.

•Skin roughness reduced by an average of 16%.
Apply generously to your face right after a FaceMaster® Facial Toning System treatment or any night you just want the extra boost in reducing the signs of aging.

FaceMaster® Facial Toning System
Electrolyte Conductive Solution

You hydrate your body when you exercise, so hydrate your skin when you use your FaceMaster® Facial Toning System. This gel is formulated to not only maximize the benefits from your FaceMaster® Facial Toning System session, but to also give your skin the added hydration it needs every day.


Buy Now | $10.00


Water-based so it won’t irritate your skin.

• You hydrate your body muscles as you exercise, so hydrate your facial muscles when you use the FaceMaster® Facial Toning System .

• Moistens your skin and wipes off easily and cleanly.


FaceMaster® Facial Toning Foam Caps

Buy Now | $9.00




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