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Our Family of Businesses - All Under One Roof
Helping People Live Younger, Longer!

The Greatest of all American Dreams is to own your own business! We invite you to be part of our successful family of business building associates who have taken that step to realizing their dreams. Be in Business for Yourself - But Not By Yourself!

Suzanne + Youngevity + T'ru Chocolate + Projoba + Balance + Ancient Legacy + NuVante + Supralife + Bio Lumin Essense + Tidal Wave + PureWorks + Soul Purpose


It’s about close friendships with other empowered women and men. It’s about attaining financial freedom by starting your own business’ll be joining a team of amazing people whose goal is to take control of their lives, while bringing joy to others. Suzanne’s philosophy is “Do well, while doing good,” –Suzanne Somers

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Suzanne + Youngevity
Partnered under one Roof


A name synonymous with worldwide health, beauty, and youthful energy! For more than 40 years it has been our founder, Dr. Wallach's mission to bring accurate and timely health information to the world. Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences is a nutritional company dedicated to improving lifestyles by promoting vibrant health and flourishing economics.

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Suzanne + Youngevity Business Opportunity...Wanted Lifestyle Entrepreneur's
Do you have the passion to succeed?

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Hello, my name is Patrice, Team Leader, Prospector for Suzanne + Youngevity . I'm in the business of changing lives by helping people achieve their dreams!

Take a LOOK at our exciting product lines and business, then  
Join our team .. Don't Wait!

If you can answer YES to any of the questions below
then this opportunity has Your Name written all over it.
  • Do you love to cook or eat healthy Food?
  • Do you want to promote a Healthier lifestyle for you and others?
  • Need extra money to help pay bills?
  • Do you want to stay home with your children but need a second income?
  • Are you looking for a part time job or career?
  • Tired of the daily commute?
  • Are you tired of management riding you and want to be your own Boss?
  • Do you like working with a lot of people or friends?
  • Do you enjoy Beauty products or makeup?
  • Do you welcome New Opportunities?
  • Do you like hosting Wine Tasting Parties?
  • Do you want a business that is on the leading edge of Fashion?
  • Would you like customers who continually purchase from you?
  • Would you like immediate income, bonuses and travel?
  • Would you like to attend events and receive personal recognition?

Now that I have your attention... LOOK at the "Introduction To SUZANNE + YOUNGEVITY" below, if you think or feel our business opportunity may be right for you, it's time to Contact Me.

YOUNGEVITY® - Dr. Wallach is nationally known as 'The Mineral Doctor.' But he could easily be The Millionaire-Maker. That's because Dr. Wallach has helped a growing number of alert entrepreneurs reach their dreams of owning a million-dollar business. And he's done it by showing them how to help end America's mineral deficiency crisis.

Youngevity® products, complete with nutritional, personal care, household and pet products could be your ticket to reaching your financial goals.


SUZANNE has taken the traditional party plan opportunity up a notch.  It is an opportunity for you to get together with friends and family, earn money, be your own boss, and have fun doing it!   With each product hand picked and tested by Suzanne Somers, there are more than 200 different products in four categories: anti-aging skin care, easy gourmet foods, sparkling jewelry, fashion and accessories.

When you Join SUZANNE™ + Youngevity, you have the opportunity to earn and receive High Commissions, Quality Products, and Unprecedented Business Support.


TRIPPLE TREAT CHOCOLATE - A better lifestyle through better products! The greatest of all dreaams is to own business! We invite you to be part of our successful family of Business building Associates who have taken that step towards realizing their dreams. The success of your independent network marketing distributorship is directly related to relationship - relationships with customers, other associates, and the company. Success is measured in many ways including lifestyle, financial freedom, and accomplishing personal goals. Tied closely to your business success is the company's distributor support structure and the method by which you will be compensated


.Your SUZANNE + Youngevity business now includes an exclusive line of fine California wines! The Agua Dulce vineyards are located just 45 miles north of Los Angeles, the original location of California’s finest vineyards. It’s a beautiful place with rolling hills and fabulous vistas, producing some of the most prestigious wines in the area. The synergies of our combined opportunities now offer you the ultimate direct sell business, making us the only direct sell company selling exclusive wine from a vineyard. Now you can Host wine tasting parties.

*Please note that due to restrictive interstate shipping laws, we (Agua Dulce) are unable to ship to Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Utah.



  • Retain up to 40% of retail guest sales - Suzanne Parties
  • NEW ASSOCIATE Quick Start - Up to 20% in Commissions!
  • Managing Associates Quick Start - Up to 30% in Commissions!
  • Associate - 3%-10% Personal Purchase Rebate!
  • Managing Associate - 5%-10% Personal Purchase Rebate!
  • Youngevity® global triple diamond rewards - Revenue Sharing Bonus + Global Training Excursion Trip for 2!
  • Diamond Associate - 2% training Bonus
  • Youngevity pays out over .50 cents to associates for every dollar taken in!
  • NO Break-A-Way Legs
  • Highest Payout in the Industry 53%


  • Categories include Accessories, Beauty, Food, Jewlery House & Home, Nutrition & Wellness, Personal Care, Pet Care, Women's & Men's health, Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • Retail prices ranging from $7.95 to over $100.00!
  • Suzanne walks the talk, wearing and using her products in four catagories: Accessories, Beauty, Gourmet Food & Jewelry
  • Youngevity the finest array of technologically advanced essential and beneficial nutritional vitamin and mineral products!


  • Personalize your party to showcase your passion.
  • SUZANNE™ + Youngevity are constantly developing new, hand-picked products to keep your parties exciting.


  • Own your own business
  • Be your own boss
  • No employees
  • Make new friends
  • Build your confidence and self worth
  • Start part-time - Choose when, where and how much you work
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • No Inventory Required
  • Low startup cost $10 - Fulfill your social and financial dreams with our fun profitable program
  • FREE Website
  • All the tax advantages of a traditional business without all the headaches!


  • Catalogs, downloads and support tools make sharing and selling SUZANNE + Youngevity® products simple and profitable!
  • Contests - Youngevity European Dream Cruise...ends Dec 2008
  • State-of-the-Art online business center with all the tools you need for success!
  • Free personal website.
  • Extensive FREE weekly training via conference calls and webcasts.

Joining Our Team Is Simple!

  • Become a Business Builder or Preferred Customer for a one time
    member's fee of $10

  • Save up to 40% on SUZANNE and 30% on Youngevity + Agua Dulce products when you join today!

    Click "HERE" provide some basic information about you, then pay with your credit card. Youngevity will ship your enrollment kit within 24 hours.

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A Better Lifestyle Through Better Products
Suzanne ™ . Agua Dulcy Vineyard, Youngevity®,
Ancient Legacy®, Supralife®, Bio Lumin Essense®, NuVante®, Tidal Wave®, Projoba®, and Balance

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